Jaeger is an energetic 5 year old male merlequin with natural ears who turns heads and stops cars with his stunning good looks


Dogs: Large Female Dogs Only
Children: 12+ years old
Animals: No Small Animals

He came into rescue because his family was moving. He will follow you everywhere, but once he learns that you can’t escape out a trap door in the bathroom, he’s willing to wait patiently outside the door. He loves to lean and have his velvety soft, glossy coat stroked. He likes belly rubs (and cheese, ice cubes, & pizza) and sleeping with his blanky. As exuberant as he can be, he takes treats with exceeding gentleness. Jaeger is bomb-proof with noises and even stood right next to his foster dad to watch him use a sawzall.

Having grown up without consistent rules or training, Jaeger is very anxious around people he doesn’t know.  He never had a strong leader to direct and guide him. His foster family has been working with him on these challenges by creating positive introductions with people so that he can come to understand that there is no need for anxiety. He is super alert and intelligent, and is responding wonderfully to firm, consistent rules in place and has already come a long way. His foster family has also been working on basic training: sit, down, stay, back, and learning how to walk nicely on a leash. He’s a very quick learner and delights in receiving praise when he “gets it right.”

He is very devoted and loves being with his family, so he would be happiest being in a home with family that’s around a lot. His foster family has been working with him on his feelings of anxiousness when they leave; he responds very well to calming music in their absence. He came from a family that had another large female dog and they got along well together. Jaeger does have a strong prey drive and has never lived with small children, so he will not be placed with any small children or small animals.  Jaeger needs a Dane experienced or large breed savvy home to continue working with him on his training and helping to build his trust and self confidence.  He would do best in a quieter home, he would not do well in an active household with many people in and out.  He would be fine as an only dog in the home, as long as he was not left for long periods.  Jaeger came to MAGDRL in January of 2017.