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Adoptable Dogs

  • Ducky is an EXTRA large, Great Dane/Rottie mix, looking for an experienced home. He was surrendered due to divorce and is yearning for a stable, loving forever family.  Ducky can be shy at first, but he quickly warms up and is a lovable goofball when he trusts. Ducky is 2 years old and full grown at 100 pounds! He is looking for a giant breed-saavy adult home to continue the training he needs to succeed. Please submit an application from www.rbari.org!

  • Kingston, 5 yr old blue with natural ears, is tall smoky and handsome with a unique personality to match . Sweet and reserved. He prefers a slow and steady introduction. When is not enjoying long structured walks he likes to relax on a soft bed with a fluffy blanket. He prefers to play with other dogs rather then toys. He will greet you with an open mouth and a wagging tail . Sometimes with a conversation. He likes to talk. He is not the cuddle up and sit on you type. A relaxed understanding human will bring out his best. Read More and see additional photos

  • JoJo is a big beautiful 4 year old merlequin with natural ears, who came to MAGDRL with Rocco. If you need someone to love, JoJo’s your girl. She loves to be petted and she’s so soft, you won’t want to stop petting her. Cuddling is her favorite thing to do. When she came in, she was an incredible 200 pounds! She’s been working hard with her foster family to get that weight off, and you can definitely see a difference. She plays more now and she loves chasing after all kinds of toys. She goes on longer walks too, where Read More and see additional photos

  • Lady is a pretty 7 year old black female with natural ears. . She came into rescue after her family was moving and could not take her with them. She is trustworthy and house broken and has nice manners. She can be very shy especially when meeting men and takes a while to warm up to them. She is fine with her foster dad, but prefers the affection and the company from the females in her foster home.  Lady is overweight and has been on a strict diet since arriving at her foster home, she has already lost 20 lbs Read More and see additional photos

  • Cats: Not good with catsDogs: Good with other dogsChildren: Good with children 12+Added: September 2017 Koda is a sweet 17 month old male mantle with natural ears.  He is a very energetic puppy who will require guidance, training, routine and reinforcement.  Koda sometimes responds to redirection if you can get his attention.  He is highly treat motivated which really helps to get his attention.  Koda does need to learn some manners.  He does not know what personal space is and he likes to jump when he is excited.  His foster home is working on his manners.  Koda does well with the 2 male Danes Read More and see additional photos