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  • OTIS

    Otis is a sweet, handsome 6 year old fawn male with natural ears Otis Dogs: Good with Medium to Large Dogs Children: Children 8+ Cats: No Cats Otis is a sweet, handsome 6 year old fawn male with natural ears.  We don’t know why he was originally given up by his family but he must have not been exposed to many things previously.  He is timid around new people and things, and is easily startled by noises.  His muscle tone was poor, probably from spending too much time being crated, but with regular exercise, this is improving.  He is learning to play with balls, and while he’s not very adept at it yet, he does enjoy it.   He’s been in 2 foster households since coming in, and integrated easily into both.  He doesn’t seem to have any issues with other dogs, besides being a bit clumsy and not having the best sense […]

  • ZOEY

    Zoey is a very tall, pretty, 2 and half year old black female with natural ears Zoey Dogs: Good with Dogs Children: Good with Children Cats: Lived with Cats She was given up when her ill owner passed away and her remaining family wanted her to go where someone had more time and attention for her.  Zoey is a bit shy to meet new people but quickly warms up.  She definitely will take her lead from another confident canine companion.  She is very comfortable meeting children and slower to warm up to men than women.  She is trustworthy in the house and loves her foster canine siblings.  Although on the submissive side, she is a very playful girl and will try to entice them with her toys to play a game of tug.  She knows some commands and walks fairly well on a leash, she is responsive to correction.  Zoey has been a […]


    Jaeger is an energetic 5 year old male merlequin with natural ears who turns heads and stops cars with his stunning good looks JAEGER Dogs: Large Female Dogs Only Children: 12+ years old Animals: No Small Animals He came into rescue because his family was moving. He will follow you everywhere, but once he learns that you can’t escape out a trap door in the bathroom, he’s willing to wait patiently outside the door. He loves to lean and have his velvety soft, glossy coat stroked. He likes belly rubs (and cheese, ice cubes, & pizza) and sleeping with his blanky. As exuberant as he can be, he takes treats with exceeding gentleness. Jaeger is bomb-proof with noises and even stood right next to his foster dad to watch him use a sawzall. Having grown up without consistent rules or training, Jaeger is very anxious around people he doesn’t know.  He never had […]


    Merlin Updated: 02/10/2017 Merlin has been in his foster home for 2 months now.  He has calmed down a lot since being neutered and pexied and is attached to his foster family.  He loves his foster Dane sibling and wants to play rough but will back off when she lets him know she has had enough.  Merlin needs time to meet visitors before warming up to them, but once he is comfortable he is all leans and licks and loves attention.  He walks nicely on a leash and travels well in the car.  Merlin would love a family of his own and needs a large dog savvy owner who will continue to work with him on commands and provide an outlet for his young boy energy level. He sure is handsome! Added: 11/2017  Merlin is a 1 1/2 year old black male with natural ears “Daniff”, a Great Dane / […]


    Burley Technically I am not on the couch Are you taking my picture again I like to play in the yard This chair is comfortable Cats: Unknown Dogs: Medium to Large Children: 8+ years old   Burley is a 7 year old merlequin male Dane with natural ears who has come back to MAGDRL after his family relocated and started a new family. Burley is very good with small children but when excited could knock them down or step on them so he was returned. Burley is living in a foster home with a senior female Dane. They are still learning each other and while not engaging in much play yet, there have been no issues between them. Burley is a typical velcro Dane who loves his people. He has a bad hind leg that never developed properly and is very arthritic but it does not slow him down. He is a […]

Rescues in Need


    Stormy Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Unknown with children   Stormy is a Rescue In Need and is on medical hold. Stormy is a 2 1/2 year old merle female with natural ears who came into rescue with a medical emergency. She was living outside chained to a doghouse 24/7 and she had a very bad vaginal prolapse. She was brought immediately to the vet and had emergency surgery to spay her and correct the prolapse. Stormy is very lucky as she has tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases, living outside year round she could have easily been infected by them. She does have eye entropion and that may require surgery to correct it once she is feeling better. Given all the neglect she has had to endure in her short life Stormy is the sweetest dog! She just wants someone to love […]