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    Marshall is a large handsome 3 year old harlequin marked black Dane with natural ears. Sadly he was given up by his family because the baby in the home developed allergies to him.  Marshall is good with children and cats and meets other dogs well.  He is doing well in his foster home with a smaller female lab mix and a female Dane.  Marshall can get very excited when meeting new friends and needs work on his commands and leash walking.  He can be a lot to handle with his friendly exuberance.  He will need a home with an outlet for some of that energy he has.  A training addendum will be a requirement for his adoption.  Marshall rides well in the car and is trustworthy in the house but he will find a way to lay on the couch if the opportunity arises.  He bonded very quickly to his foster mom and will bond quickly to his adopter, he is a true velcro Dane.  Marshall will be a wonderful addition to almost any home with love and time to give this sweet affectionate boy.
    Marshall came to MAGDRL in May 2018.
    Cats: Good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: Good with Children
    Training Requirement will be a part of his adoption agreement

    Apollo is a 3 year old, male blue dane/mastiff mix with natural ears.  He came into MAGDRL due to family issues. He is a big boy weighing in at about 200 pounds. He has joined 2 other senior male Danes in his foster home without an issue and has been integrated and given full house privileges quickly. He is housebroken and has good manners around food. He takes treats very gently and gives ‘high five’ on command. Since he is so big sitting is difficult for him so he is either all the way up or all the way down. There is little in between, but he does the “Dane sit” on the couch very nicely! He is a BIG leaner and cuddler and will try to sneak up onto the furniture (as if we can’t see him).

    Apollo walks well on the leash and likes car rides but getting him up into the car can be a challenge. He does not jump but will put his front feet up onto the back to help. So far Apollo has not met anyone on our walks since it is so cold there are few people out but he has met visitors well with barking at the doorbell and then full leans and wags.

    Apollo does not like to have us out of his sight and will follow us from one room to the other and will lay at the foot of the stairs and whine for a bit at night. I am sure he would love to come upstairs and sleep in someone’s room but we have limited him to the main floor because he his not too sure on stairs. He has learned how to navigate the few steps in and out of the house but the full flight is too much for him. So for now he sleeps with his foster brothers in the living room.

    Apollo is a gentle giant and gives the softest kisses. He would be a pleasure in a house with minimal stairs, with or without another dog. He does not like to be left for long periods of time and would love to have his family home often.

    Apollo came to MAGDRL in January 2018

    Cats: Good with Cats
    Dogs: Good with dogs
    Children: No experience with small children, so children 8+
  • ZEUS
    Zeus is a black natural eared male Dane who will be 7 on 12/5/17, given up because of a changing family situation.  Zeus is doing well in his foster home, he is crate trained and knows basic commands.  He gets along fine with his Dane foster brother siblings, one male, one female.  Zeus rides great in the car and walks nicely on a leash.  Zeus does have happy tail, which his foster mom is working on healing by clipping his tail between his legs so he cannot bang it open.  It only gets unclipped when he goes out to potty.  He is a good boy and leaves the belt and his tail alone.  
    Zeus can be pushy for attention and will try and guard his people if the other male Dane tries to come in for attention at the same time. But a firm correction will make him immediately stop this behavior.  He is great meeting new people and other dogs.  He did live with small dogs previously, cats are unknown.  He does get nervous when small children run and squeal and will bark excitedly at them.  So he will not be placed with any small children.  
    Zeus can fit in well in almost any home, he is such a sweetheart.  
    Zeus came to MAGDRL in November 2017.
    Cats: Cats Unknown
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: 8+ years old
  • TOBY

    Cats: Good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: 8+ years old

    Toby is a 2 year old handsome black male Dane with natural ears.  He was given up reluctantly by his owner who could no longer keep him on the estate where he worked.  Toby was used to running free and going everywhere with his owner.  He lived on a property with chickens, rabbits and horses and was fine with all.  He did not live with other dogs but seems to meet other dogs with no issues.  He would do best in a home either as an only dog or with female dogs of any size.  We believe he will also do fine with a neutered dog friendly male.  He has no history living with small children so he won’t be placed with any but he has met and interacted well with children. Toby did not know any commands when he came in, he is learning sit and has been crate trained in his foster home.  He does have a very good recall.  He walks ok on a leash but could use more leash work.  He travels great in the car,  lays right down and is very relaxed.  He greets new people with leans and wags.  Toby is a very playful affectionate guy, he loves his jolly ball on a robe and entertains himself playing with it.  Toby is still intact and will be neutered shortly, once he recovers from that, he will be ready to move on to his forever home.  Training will be a requirement of his adoption.  

     Toby came to MAGDRL in October 2017.
  • ZEUS

    Cats: Not good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: 8+ years old

    Hi! I’m Zeus, a 2 1/2 year old male brindle with natural ears! I am the sweetest, happiest guy you will ever meet!! I love to be cuddled with, and petted, and given any kind of attention. I will completely return any attention shown to me with the softest kisses. I’m not a big slobbery guy. I prefer a more subtle approach with lots of little kisses all at once. I love to play with toys, particularly rope toys. And if you throw it for me so I can chase it, even better!! I love to have the zoomies, so a fenced yard is a complete must for me. No grass is growing under my feet. It’s fun to run, and if you have kids, I would love to be part of an active family that would include me. There are no kids in my current foster home, but I’m so sweet and happy my foster mom thinks I would be great with kids. I’m currently in a foster home with a growly senior male Dane, but I totally ignore the noise he makes. He’s been pretty cool about putting up my teenage antics. I would love another dog to play with me, but I can totally entertain myself too! My foster mom works from home, and I am really low maintenance. I keep her company all day long while she is working along with Mr. Growly. Zeus has decent obedience skills, and does not get on furniture. He is good on a leash but needs reminding about pulling. He is hyper focused on cats, and is very difficult to redirect. He will chase. And he will jerk the leash hard to run after a cat if he sees one. Zeus is not really food oriented, and can be picky about eating. He loves the car, and is willing to hop in at any opportunity! He meets strangers well-in his world, there are no strangers, Zeus loves everyone. He loves attention and will lean into any attention that might come his way.

    Zeus came to MAGDRL in October 2017. (3)


    Cats: Good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other large dogs
    Children: Good with children

    Chaos is a sweet, handsome 5 year old black male with natural ears, rescued from a shelter one year ago by someone who had no luck rehoming him, so she surrendered him to MAGDRL. It is unclear why he was originally given up. Chaos is all puppy, he is very active and playful and had little to no manners when he first arrived in his foster home. Chaos is catching up on things like going for walks around the neighborhood and car rides to PetSmart… and boy does he loves car rides! Most of all Chaos loves his people. He follows his foster mom everywhere and sits next to her all day while she works in her office. He especially loves his kids and will lay next to his teenage foster sister, wrapping his arms around her when she falls asleep on the floor next to him. Chaos has learned so much since coming to his foster home. He is learning his manners and commands. He is a sensitive soul who is very motivated by praise although another of his greatest motivations is his LOVE for string cheese. He is working hard at learning basic training. He knows sit, down, leave it and is getting pretty good at stay. Even though he could easily step over them, he has learned to honor the baby gates in his foster home. Chaos is working on being a gentleman when walking on the leash but he still has a hard time controlling his excitement when seeing another dog. Right now he wears a Halti when going outside for walks which helps him keep focused on his person. It seems like Chaos never learned to play with toys or balls and doesn’t have much interest in those things. He prefers to play with other dogs or people. His big bouncy personality can be too much for some other dogs and he would love to have a friend who likes to play as much as he does. Chaos does get nervous when his people are not home and will bark a lot during that time. His foster mom is working on this but it may be best if he was not in an apartment with neighbors who might complain. Chaos would prefer a home with a playful doggie sibling who he could romp with but most of all he wants a loving family who will appreciate his goofiness and continue to teach him all he needs to know about the world. Chaos came to MAGDRL in January 2017. (3)

    Update 8/22/17 - Chaos (or Klaus, the name his foster home has given him) has been having ongoing issues related to allergies that we have diligently been working on. He was tested to see what his allergies included. He is allergic to many things, most significantly many grasses and trees as well as storage mites, milk and potatoes. Consequently, he gets walked on pavement only and is no longer allowed in the grassy yard. Storage mites are found in kibble, so he is now on a raw meat diet, with veggies and supplements. We tried Apoquel, which resulted in him getting a raging skin infection, which took a long course of antibiotics, antifungals and prednisone to resolve. He was given an injection of Cytopoint, a very expensive medication administered at the vet's office, and no improvement was noted. So he is on a regimen to manage him. In addition to his raw diet, supplements and keeping him off grass, he gets shampooed regularly with medicated shampoo. His feet are frequently soaked in Epson salts and a solution from the vet and an herbal powder with cayenne and charcoal is applied between his toes. He was also found to be hypothyroid and is on a small dose of thyroxine twice daily. Despite all this, Klaus is a love and a pleasure to have around. He is so good with all people, children and other dogs. He will need an adopter who is committed to managing his allergies and skin issues which will probably be for the rest of his life. He is worth it all, he is so loving and affectionate. Only someone totally committed to managing his health issues will be considered for Klaus.

  • MAX

    Cats: Good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: Good with children
    Added: September 2017

    Max is a 2 yr old, almost 3 neutered male mantle Dane with natural ears.  Max is long, lean and weighs about 120 lbs.  He is a typical velcro Dane, meaning he loves to follow his foster dad around the house and is always ready to sit on his lap and cuddle. Max will be three years old 11/15/17. When he first came to his foster home he would often crawl around because his was unable to stand on his own at times due to mobility issues. But since then with conditioning and treatment, he is no longer crawling and getting around much better.  Max is currently living with a female Neapolitan Mastiff, a male Great Dane and 2 cats. He gets along great with one of the cats, but will chase and bark at the other cat when the cat hisses and swats at him. He loves to play with both of the other dogs in his foster home, but gets overwhelmed and defensive when all three are allowed to play together, most likely due his weaker hind end. He loves to go for a walk, to the park or pet store but tends to get overexcited when he sees other dogs. He will bark and jump around, but has been fine once he is allowed to say hello. Max quickly acclimated to the daily routine in his foster home. He is extremely smart and a bit goofy at times. His intelligence enables him to open doors to let himself and his friends onto the deck or into the garage when doors are not locked.  Max’s foster dad is working to curb these behaviors, as well as desensitize him when meeting new dogs in public. Max also likes to play ball when the other dogs are not around. Max has been very well behaved when new people visit his foster home and does well around people using wheelchairs or walkers. Max would really like to be with another dog, but would probably do best with a canine friend who cannot overpower him and make him feel insecure. Max is currently on Previcox and supplements. He is also receiving laser therapy treatments. Additionally, his foster dad is encouraging him to perform simple exercises, such as walking over an agility jump, as well as going up and down a few stairs to help increase his strength and endurance. Although he no longer finds it necessary to crawl he still has a slightly unsteady and awkward gait, especially when he is tired, but his overall mobility has greatly improved and he is living a full happy life.  

    Max came to MAGDRL in August of 2017. (3)


    Cats: Not good with cats or other small animals
    Dogs: Good with male dogs
    Children: Good with children
    Added: August 2017

    Gracie is a pretty 2 year old merle female with natural ears. She was given up because she did not get along with a small female dog in her previous home. Gracie is in a foster home with a male Dane who helped her get acclimated by following his lead in her new environment. She has since become attached to her people and will choose to be with her humans over another dog. She is slow to warm up to men so any males she meets need to give her time to get over her initial fear. If given time she will eventually approach for pets and leans. Gracie walks nicely on a leash and is trustworthy in the house but she does love her crate, that is her “safe place”. She rides great in the car. She was raised with children and was used to an active bustling home. She does have a high prey drive so no small animals or cats and she will be placed with male dogs only. Her foster mom says she is an absolute love bug, so very affectionate and sweet. Gracie came to MAGDRL in August 2017. (3)

  • TAMA

    Cats: Unknown with cats
    Dogs: Good with large male dogs
    Children: 8+ years old
    Added: August 2017

    Tama is a 6 year old merle female with natural ears who came into rescue due to financial issues. She had her tailed docked previously because of a case of happy tail. Tama is a pretty active girl with lots of energy despite her age. Tama loves her toys and loves to play and can be very entertaining with her antics. She has lived with another male dog and they were fine together, but she can be territorial and protective if another dog comes onto her property. She will pull on a leash and needs work with her leash manners. She is housebroken and crate trained and rides nicely in a car. She has no history with small children so she will not be placed with any. Tama is scheduled to be spayed and gastropexied in September and will be available for adoption once that is done. She will need a home to provide her with the structure and boundaries she needs and continue her training. She will also need an outlet for her energy. Tama came to MAGDRL in August 2017. (3)


    HI!! I’m SAM! Sampson, if you want formality.


    Dogs: Good with Large Dogs
    Children: Good with Children
    Cats: Dog Savvy Cats Only

    Got Action?  I love it!  Have Treats?  Bring them on!  A ride in the CAR??  I LOVE THE CAR.  Another Dog?  I’m agreeable-especially if they want to PLAY!!!  Want to sleep with ME??!!  OH YEAH!  I am your man!  I love a soft bed!  Especially if it is made or my family person is in it!!!

    Sampson is a tall handsome 19 month old fawn mantle male with natural ears.  Sampson is a total happy go lucky guy, with high energy, who LOVES to play with other dogs.  He plays with lots of running, and hopes for the same in a playmate.  Sampson came from a family that had children.  He is in a foster home that does not have children, but, he did meet a child in his late teens and was completely in love.  He also is very interested in the children that live across the street.  He does live on an active horse farm that has lots of people coming and going.  He absolutely loves greeting everyone with a smiling face and wagging tail. 

    Sampson absolutely LOVES a ride in the car.  He jumps right in, and is ready to go.  It doesn’t matter where you might be going, Sam is always up for adventure of any kind.  He wants to be involved in any activity that he might be able to supervise and approve at the very least-but he is always happy to be a part of anything that might be going on at any time day or night.

    Sampson is high energy, and needs reinforcement with leash manners.  The foster home is working with him to be better on the leash and to have better manners overall.  A training course will be a requirement of his adoption.  Sampson is learning about cats, and is improving with them.  The foster home has some pretty savvy barn cats that are teaching Sam that cats are to be respected.  That said, in a home, he might find it fun to chase a cat should it run.  He has not been given the opportunity in the current situation.  Sam sits for treats, and also for his food.  He is learning the command “wait” and the release command “ok”.  He is very smart, and eager, but he also has the attention span of a puppy.

    Sampson has incredible eyesight, and has a high prey drive.  While he is improving with the cats, he will chase any wildlife that he might encounter (like deer).  He should not go to a home with horses as he will chase given any opportunity.

    Sam is currently living with a Senior Great Dane who does not share his enthusiasm for exercise.  Sampson does love to play with the Jolly Ball in the foster home’s fenced in area when the foster’s Dane makes it clear he is completely done with playing (generally after about 30 seconds).  Sampson is taking good direction from him.

    Sampson would make a great addition for a very active family with Dane experience.  He would be a perfect addition for someone that jogs/runs as well.  Sampson came to MAGDRL in April 2017