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  • ZOEY

    Zoey Was Adopted

    Updated: 3/16/2017

    I am very happy to announce the adoption of Zoey.  The adopter is a long time Dane owner and Zoey is the adopter's third MAGDRL Dane.  Zoey joins Sami, formerly Sampson who the adopter fostered to adopt just last year.  Sami is loving having a playmate in his new sister and they are all doing fabulous together.  The adopter is retired and has all day to dote on her Danes, and they are very lucky to have found her!  Congratulations the adopter and Sami on your new family member Zoey.

    A big thanks to all of you who helped Zoey on her journey to her forever home.  So typical for us, so many volunteers working together for one Dane.  

    Dogs: Good with Dogs
    Children: Good with Children
    Cats: Lived with Cats

    She was given up when her ill owner passed away and her remaining family wanted her to go where someone had more time and attention for her.  Zoey is a bit shy to meet new people but quickly warms up.  She definitely will take her lead from another confident canine companion.  She is very comfortable meeting children and slower to warm up to men than women.  She is trustworthy in the house and loves her foster canine siblings.  Although on the submissive side, she is a very playful girl and will try to entice them with her toys to play a game of tug.  She knows some commands and walks fairly well on a leash, she is responsive to correction.  Zoey has been a frequent visitor to a dog park and has done well there.  Zoey has been spayed and gastro pexied and is ready to find her forever home.  Zoey came to MAGDRL in January of 2017.

  • SCOOBY #2

    Scooby #2 was ADOPTED

    Cats: Unknown with cats
    Dogs: Good with large dogs only
    Children: 8+ years old

    Scooby #2 is a 5 year old black male with poorly cropped and standing ears. He was surrendered to a small animal rescue by a family who could not take care of him. That rescue recognized that Scooby would be best placed with a rescue specific to his breed and contacted MAGDRL to take him. Even though Scooby is 5 years old, he is all puppy. He has never been taught manners and was kept mostly outside or in the basement. So he is learning to live inside as part of a family and is a work in progress. Scooby is such a happy boy and very excited to meet everyone and experience new things. Scooby was surrendered with severe cherry eye in both eyes, the first rescue took care of his neuter and had his cherry eyes repaired. Before being surrendered to MAGDRL, Scooby had a set back and was hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. MAGDRL agreed to help with the costs at the emergency animal hospital so he could be discharged to us. He is doing much better now in his foster home and will be on antibiotics for a few more weeks. Scooby is crate trained and is learning house manners and his boundaries. He is in a foster home with smaller dogs and is a bit too much for them as he does not know his size and just wants to play. He needs to be with large dogs only. He has met children and is fine with them but since he has never lived with any small ones, he will not be placed with a family with any. Scooby is just a big lug who loves life and would love an active family of his own. He has lots of energy for a 5 year old boy. Training will be a condition of his adoption. Scooby came to MAGDRL in July 2016. (3)

    Update 8/5/16 - Scooby is a big, lovable goofball! He loves to play ball in the yard, though he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of bringing the ball back! When a ball is thrown to him, he will go and get it and then play with it by himself. It is quite funny to watch since he is a bit clumsy! When Scooby first came to live with us, he was a little underweight, but he is steadily gaining weight and starting to fill out, which is so great to see! He is a slow and gentle eater. We can take food out of his bowl while he is eating and there are no issues when we feed Scooby at the same time as our 45-lb terrier mix.

  • Merlin


    Merlin was ADOPTED

    Updated: 03/06/2017

    We have another adoption announcement to make here in NJ.  Merlin was met yesterday by NJ adopters  who specifically were looking for a Dane mix.  Merlin fit the bill.  Everyone met and introductions went well.  He now has two young canine playmates,  Weimaraner mixes who can help wear off some of this boy’s energy.  He has already bonded quickly to his two legged human sister who is 19 years old and follows her all over the house.

    Updated: 02/10/2017

    Merlin has been in his foster home for 2 months now.  He has calmed down a lot since being neutered and pexied and is attached to his foster family.  He loves his foster Dane sibling and wants to play rough but will back off when she lets him know she has had enough.  Merlin needs time to meet visitors before warming up to them, but once he is comfortable he is all leans and licks and loves attention.  He walks nicely on a leash and travels well in the car.  Merlin would love a family of his own and needs a large dog savvy owner who will continue to work with him on commands and provide an outlet for his young boy energy level. He sure is handsome!

    Added: 11/2017 

    Merlin is a 1 1/2 year old black male with natural ears “Daniff”, a Great Dane / Mastiff mix. He is a true Dane at heart, with Great Dane leans and that Velcro mentality. He is as handsome as they come with a glossy coat and beautiful white markings on the side of his face. His markings only add extra character to his already sweet and goofy personality. Merlin is in a foster home with a senior female Dane who he loves to give kisses to. They respond well together but when Merlin begins to play and gets excited, he does have a tendency to hump. This is the only issue between the two of them, but now that he has been neutered we will hope this behavior will stop. He does quite a bit of counter surfing, which his foster parents are working on. He is a curious pup which sometimes leads him into trouble in the house. He does well in his crate during the day but will get into chewing trouble when left out while no one is home. Merlin walks well on a leash and responds to basic commands. When excited and playing, he can get a little rough and mouthy (although very gentle) so we believe he would do best in a home with older children. Merlin is excited to fill his forever home with love, companionship and goofiness! Merlin came to MAGDRL in November 2016. (3)


    Caliber was ADOPTED!!!

    Update 1/08/17 - What fantastic news, our senior fawn boy Cal was adopted by by a wonderful family that has been long time Dane owners and enthusiasts and repeat MAGDRL adopters. Thanks to my foster mom and dad for taking such good care of me while I waited for my forever home!!

    Cal enjoying his new bed
    Cal enjoying the snow in his new yard!

    Update 9/07/16 - Caliber has come a long way in the 4 months he has been with his foster home. When Cal first arrived, he was afraid of every little noise and especially loud noises. He is still afraid of the very scary ice maker. As soon as anyone goes near the ice maker he leaves the room until it is done and then he comes right back. New people coming into the house do still make him nervous. He will bark at new visitors, especially men, but eventually does warm up. Outside of the house he doesn’t bark at all. He has been to the pet store many times and does fine. Cal also went to Broadway Barks in New York City and never once barked at anyone. Cal wants to be part of everything and is very attached to his humans, he follows them all over the house. All he wants is love and affection from his people. He is a lovebug and so sweet and a true Velcro Dane. His favorite thing is to curl up next to you and be petted. Caliber lives with 3 other Danes, 2 male and 1 female, he will play with the female but he quits when she gets too rough. He is great with cats and small dogs, he was very gentle with a male Chihuahua and Chihuahua mix that he met and played with. He is such a gentle soul and deserves his forever home.

    Cats: Good with cats
    Dogs: Good with other dogs
    Children: 8+ years old

    Caliber, affectionately called “Cal”, is a 6 year old fawn male with natural ears. He was surrendered to a shelter for chewing the carpet in his previous home. Cal is very sweet and affectionate. All he wants is attention and to be petted. He is a true Velcro Dane. Cal follows his foster parents everywhere, if he isn’t following them he is following the other Danes in his foster home. Cal is currently living with 3 senior Danes, 2 males and 1 female, and he gets along well with all of them. He is also very good with the cat in his foster home. Cal doesn’t chase the cat. He does like to lick the cat, the other Danes and his foster parents. He cannot control his licker. He just wants to show his love! Cal is timid at first, but he does warm up quickly. He does bark at people he doesn’t know at first, but once he is introduced to them he is great. He was very afraid of loud noises when he first came to his foster home. Now that he’s been in his foster home for a few weeks he is gaining confidence and is no longer so fearful. Cal is crate trained and house trained. He has not been destructive at all when left out of the crate. He likes toys and bones. He does well with leash walking. He does counter surf a little bit, especially if he’s left unattended in the kitchen while there is food on the counter. We don’t know of his history with children so he will not be place with little ones. He needs a home to give him the attention and understanding any Great Dane deserves. We love his grey face and whoever he picks for his forever home will be one lucky family. Caliber came to MAGDRL in April 2016. (3)



    Ryleigh was ADOPTED!!!

    Cats: Not good with cats
    Dogs:Good with large male dogs only
    Children: 8+ years old

    Ryleigh is a very pretty 7 year old harlequin female with natural ears who has returned to MAGDRL after 5 years with her adopted family. Ryleigh is a very laid back girl who is the perfect example of “couch potato”. She loves her bed and to just hang with her people. Ryleigh walks well on a leash and travels well in a car. She is house and crate trained. She will not counter surf and takes food and treats very gently. She does well with large male dogs but will bully another female if given the opportunity so she will only be placed with males. Her history with small children is unknown so she will not be placed with any. Cats are unknown but given her prey drive for rabbits she probably won’t do well with cats. Ryleigh did not deserve to be discarded by her family after 5 years of her love and devotion. She needs a family who will show her the love and commitment to the end of her life that every dog should know. Ryleigh was overweight when she returned and we are working on getting her back to a trimmer slimmer girl. She will need exercise and a strict diet. She is tolerant of baths and nail trims which is very good as her nails need to be gradually trimmed to a more reasonable length. Ryleigh came to MAGDRL in June 2016. (3)

    Update 8/12/16 - Sweet Ryleigh is slowly coming out of her shell. She's with a young male Dane and gets along with him, occasional playing with him a little, mostly sharing kisses with him. She has become svelte in the last few weeks because she enjoys her walks especially in the morning when it's cool outside. She has the most beautiful blue eyes. More and more often, she seeks out affection, really liking her pets and hugs. Ryleigh gets excited when she sees bunnies on her walk and does the 'two-step' dance. She is a delight at home, always nearby. She is trustworthy at home and although she's older, will bound up the stairs to be near her foster mom. She sleeps through the night on her doggie bed next to her foster mom and brother's bed. She is gentle and sweet and has much love to give in a quiet home with a couple or single person.