Smedley – Courtesy Listing

Smedley is a almost 5yo neutered male merlequin Great Dane with natural ears.  The thing he loves most in life is playing ball.  He loves to run across the yard to catch his ball from the chuck-it and we think he could do this all day long!  He is good with the family's toddler, chickens and alpacas.  Smedley stays on the property and keeps the deer away without running away after them.  He watches for anything that changes around the house or property and lets his owners know.  He would prefer a family that doesn't travel too much as he loves to be close to his family and doesn't like a lot of changes in the routine.  He is good in the car, on the leash and getting a bath or his nails done with the dremel tool.  Smedley is still a big puppy and hopes to find someone who wants to play as much as he does.