HI!! I’m SAM! Sampson, if you want formality.


Dogs: Good with Large Dogs
Children: Good with Children
Cats: Dog Savvy Cats Only

Got Action?  I love it!  Have Treats?  Bring them on!  A ride in the CAR??  I LOVE THE CAR.  Another Dog?  I’m agreeable-especially if they want to PLAY!!!  Want to sleep with ME??!!  OH YEAH!  I am your man!  I love a soft bed!  Especially if it is made or my family person is in it!!!

Sampson is a tall handsome 19 month old fawn mantle male with natural ears.  Sampson is a total happy go lucky guy, with high energy, who LOVES to play with other dogs.  He plays with lots of running, and hopes for the same in a playmate.  Sampson came from a family that had children.  He is in a foster home that does not have children, but, he did meet a child in his late teens and was completely in love.  He also is very interested in the children that live across the street.  He does live on an active horse farm that has lots of people coming and going.  He absolutely loves greeting everyone with a smiling face and wagging tail. 

Sampson absolutely LOVES a ride in the car.  He jumps right in, and is ready to go.  It doesn’t matter where you might be going, Sam is always up for adventure of any kind.  He wants to be involved in any activity that he might be able to supervise and approve at the very least-but he is always happy to be a part of anything that might be going on at any time day or night.

Sampson is high energy, and needs reinforcement with leash manners.  The foster home is working with him to be better on the leash and to have better manners overall.  A training course will be a requirement of his adoption.  Sampson is learning about cats, and is improving with them.  The foster home has some pretty savvy barn cats that are teaching Sam that cats are to be respected.  That said, in a home, he might find it fun to chase a cat should it run.  He has not been given the opportunity in the current situation.  Sam sits for treats, and also for his food.  He is learning the command “wait” and the release command “ok”.  He is very smart, and eager, but he also has the attention span of a puppy.

Sampson has incredible eyesight, and has a high prey drive.  While he is improving with the cats, he will chase any wildlife that he might encounter (like deer).  He should not go to a home with horses as he will chase given any opportunity.

Sam is currently living with a Senior Great Dane who does not share his enthusiasm for exercise.  Sampson does love to play with the Jolly Ball in the foster home’s fenced in area when the foster’s Dane makes it clear he is completely done with playing (generally after about 30 seconds).  Sampson is taking good direction from him.

Sampson would make a great addition for a very active family with Dane experience.  He would be a perfect addition for someone that jogs/runs as well.  Sampson came to MAGDRL in April 2017