Very Special Adoption

Very Special Adoption

A note from MAGDRL's President

I know I always say every adoption is special and they are!  But some really stand out and this is one that really makes my heart happy.

St Nick was in a shelter in NJ after being found wandering in a park in the beginning of December 2015.  A volunteer went to the shelter to evaluate him and almost thought she got there too late.  He was so weak, he could barely stand.  After speaking to her, we decided she would pull him and bring him to me and I thought I was getting a Dane in to euthanize him.  
St Nick was in bad shape, he was suffering from a severe lymes infection and terrible arthritis.  He was suffering and in pain.  We came very close to putting him down but then he suddenly rallied and started to respond to his medication.  But he would do well and then backslide again.  His lymes was very difficult to manage and was wreaking havoc on the rest of his body.  

So many NJ volunteers met Nick and rooted him on.  One volunteer cooked bone broth for him and delivered it to my home to help his recovery, Another volunteer bought him a soft mat for the top of his bed, so many checked in on him and wished him well.  He is such a sweet soul, anyone who has met him just falls in love with his sweet face.  After about 6 weeks with Ed and I, a couple that volunteered decided they would take over fostering him if he got along with their two Danes.  So Ed and I took Nick to their home and helped with introductions.  It was challenging the first couple of weeks with their Danes but they worked thru it and Nick settled in nicely there.  The volunteers had more time than we could give to Nick and they worked hard to help him to get healthy.  He had a rocky year in 2016, with many many vet visits and medications, improvements and set backs but with trial and error he finally did get stronger and could live a fully functional and happy life.  Nick has had quite a transformation!

Today, Ed and I and a few other NJ volunteers joined the couple that had fostered St Nick as we completed his adoption paperwork and celebrated his life and adoption as he became an official member of their family.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to MAGDRL on Nick’s behalf, either by donations, gifts or prayers and positive thoughts, it has made such a difference.  Most of all, a huge thanks to the volunteers that adopted him, who love him so much, who have given him so much and who have made him “theirs” since the first day he entered their home.