Apollo is a 3 year old, male blue dane/mastiff mix with natural ears.  He came into MAGDRL due to family issues. He is a big boy weighing in at about 200 pounds. He has joined 2 other senior male Danes in his foster home without an issue and has been integrated and given full house privileges quickly. He is housebroken and has good manners around food. He takes treats very gently and gives ‘high five’ on command. Since he is so big sitting is difficult for him so he is either all the way up or all the way down. There is little in between, but he does the “Dane sit” on the couch very nicely! He is a BIG leaner and cuddler and will try to sneak up onto the furniture (as if we can’t see him).

Apollo walks well on the leash and likes car rides but getting him up into the car can be a challenge. He does not jump but will put his front feet up onto the back to help. So far Apollo has not met anyone on our walks since it is so cold there are few people out but he has met visitors well with barking at the doorbell and then full leans and wags.

Apollo does not like to have us out of his sight and will follow us from one room to the other and will lay at the foot of the stairs and whine for a bit at night. I am sure he would love to come upstairs and sleep in someone’s room but we have limited him to the main floor because he his not too sure on stairs. He has learned how to navigate the few steps in and out of the house but the full flight is too much for him. So for now he sleeps with his foster brothers in the living room.

Apollo is a gentle giant and gives the softest kisses. He would be a pleasure in a house with minimal stairs, with or without another dog. He does not like to be left for long periods of time and would love to have his family home often.

Apollo came to MAGDRL in January 2018

Cats: Good with Cats
Dogs: Good with dogs
Children: No experience with small children, so children 8+