Betty is a 3-month-old puppy who had the misfortune of suffering a spiral fracture at the top of her right tibia in a freak accident.  The break is so near the growth plate, it will affect the growth of her leg and it will be shorter than the left hind leg.

Betty does not let it get her down and is eating well and continuing her basic puppy training in her foster home. She is on limited activity with leash walking only.  The injured leg will atrophy from all this nonuse, and she will need to continue physical therapy once healed.  She was originally in a full cast but now has graduated to a splint and bandage which needs weekly evaluation and rebandaging. Betty is on medical hold and not yet available for adoption. Betty loves to empty the toy box daily to find just the right chew toy to exercise those puppy teeth.  And of course, there is nothing like a toy with a nice loud squeaker.

Despite her injury and limited mobility, Betty still gives lots of kisses and love to anyone she meets. Once healed she will be ready for a forever home and some lucky family will get a great girl!

Updated – 4/9/22

Betty is doing great in her foster home and the fracture in her leg is all healed.  She has some atrophy in her leg because of limited use over the past weeks.  She also has some pressure sores where the cast and splints were rubbing but these are healing well. She is using the injured leg more and more and will gradually rebuild the muscle that she lost.  Betty just loves to play with her big Dane foster brother although they can get a little rough so the playtime is supervised and allowed with caution. She is ready for her forever family and whoever takes her home will be getting a wonderful pup.  She is almost fully house trained, crate trained and loves her antler chews, natural bones and squeaky toys.  She loves a good game of tug with her foster Dane brother.  Betty goes to the door when she wants to go outside and potty but can also fool you and will go to the door because she just wants to be outside.  Betty has been very well socialized and loves everyone she meets. A fenced yard, a training agreement and a spay agreement will all be part of  Betty’s adoption contract.


Betty came to MAGDRL in February 2022 (3)

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