Caliber was ADOPTED!!!

Update 1/08/17 - What fantastic news, our senior fawn boy Cal was adopted by by a wonderful family that has been long time Dane owners and enthusiasts and repeat MAGDRL adopters. Thanks to my foster mom and dad for taking such good care of me while I waited for my forever home!!

Cal enjoying his new bed
Cal enjoying the snow in his new yard!

Update 9/07/16 - Caliber has come a long way in the 4 months he has been with his foster home. When Cal first arrived, he was afraid of every little noise and especially loud noises. He is still afraid of the very scary ice maker. As soon as anyone goes near the ice maker he leaves the room until it is done and then he comes right back. New people coming into the house do still make him nervous. He will bark at new visitors, especially men, but eventually does warm up. Outside of the house he doesn’t bark at all. He has been to the pet store many times and does fine. Cal also went to Broadway Barks in New York City and never once barked at anyone. Cal wants to be part of everything and is very attached to his humans, he follows them all over the house. All he wants is love and affection from his people. He is a lovebug and so sweet and a true Velcro Dane. His favorite thing is to curl up next to you and be petted. Caliber lives with 3 other Danes, 2 male and 1 female, he will play with the female but he quits when she gets too rough. He is great with cats and small dogs, he was very gentle with a male Chihuahua and Chihuahua mix that he met and played with. He is such a gentle soul and deserves his forever home.

Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: 8+ years old

Caliber, affectionately called “Cal”, is a 6 year old fawn male with natural ears. He was surrendered to a shelter for chewing the carpet in his previous home. Cal is very sweet and affectionate. All he wants is attention and to be petted. He is a true Velcro Dane. Cal follows his foster parents everywhere, if he isn’t following them he is following the other Danes in his foster home. Cal is currently living with 3 senior Danes, 2 males and 1 female, and he gets along well with all of them. He is also very good with the cat in his foster home. Cal doesn’t chase the cat. He does like to lick the cat, the other Danes and his foster parents. He cannot control his licker. He just wants to show his love! Cal is timid at first, but he does warm up quickly. He does bark at people he doesn’t know at first, but once he is introduced to them he is great. He was very afraid of loud noises when he first came to his foster home. Now that he’s been in his foster home for a few weeks he is gaining confidence and is no longer so fearful. Cal is crate trained and house trained. He has not been destructive at all when left out of the crate. He likes toys and bones. He does well with leash walking. He does counter surf a little bit, especially if he’s left unattended in the kitchen while there is food on the counter. We don’t know of his history with children so he will not be place with little ones. He needs a home to give him the attention and understanding any Great Dane deserves. We love his grey face and whoever he picks for his forever home will be one lucky family. Caliber came to MAGDRL in April 2016. (3)