Ranger came to MAGDRL in May 2022 Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Prefers to be the only dog Kids: Good with children 8+ Ranger has been safely recovering and blossoming back to health in his foster home for about 2 weeks now. His bloodwork is all almost entirely back to normal.  He is no longer accumulating air or fluid in his stomach or intestines.  His incision is almost entirely closed and has no more drainage and he is off of all medications.  Ranger is also eating like a champ and feeling better and better every day.  His activity has been Read More


Calli came to MAGDRL in November 2022 and is a Rescue in Need Cats: Unknown Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Calli is a 4-year-old blue female with natural ears who was surrendered to MAGDRL from a shelter after her owners passed away.  We believe she is spayed because she was living with an intact male, also surrendered to us, and she has no sign of ever having puppies.  Calli is a tall, beautiful girl but has very a very bad condition of her eyes called “cherry eye”.  Both eyes are affected, and she will need surgery Read More


Hugo came to MAGDRL in August 2022. Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Hugo is a 2-3 year old Blue Piebald Male Great Dane with natural ears who came to MAGDRL from a shelter.  We don’t have much history on Hugo but we can see he is a sweet boy who seems to like everyone he meets.  Hugo has been neutered and gastropexied and currently is in a foster home with a senior male Labrador and a cat and has integrated nicely with both of them.  Hugo does know some commands but is Read More


Cooper came to MAGDRL in May 2022. Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children Cooper is an 11-week-old black male puppy with natural ears. Cooper was surrendered to MAGDRL by his breeder who did not have a home for him.  He is going to be a big boy; he is large boned and has a solid build.  Cooper is doing well in his foster home with two adult Danes and one small mixed breed.  He will be getting the socialization and confidence building he needs as a young pup. He is crate trained and is Read More


Remi came to MAGDRL in May 2022. Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Remi is a year and a half year old male fawn Dane with natural ears.  He was given up because his owner had to relocate and did not have the space needed for Remi to get the proper exercise and outlet for his energy.  Remi is very sweet and is nervous meeting new people at first but warms up quickly. He loves to lean for pets and attention.  He needs some work on his training so will need someone to Read More


Diesel came to MAGDRL in May 2022. Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with large female dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Diesel is a 4 year old black male with natural ears who was surrendered to a shelter by his family who could not afford his care.  Diesel has been neutered and vetted and will be gastropexied before adoption. Diesel played very well with the female Great Dane in his first foster home, but the older smaller breed did not warm up to Diesel at all and continued to bark aggressively at him.  Diesel was stressed and getting reactive Read More


My name is Nadine, I am a pretty mantle female Great Dane with natural ears (at least everyone tells me I’m pretty so I have to believe it!) and I don’t know my birthdate but they think I am about 10 months to a year old. If you are a Disney fan you will love the hidden Mickey face on the back of my neck! I am having so much fun in my foster home with my big Dane foster brother who by the way, looks a lot like me! I really like it here and they are being so Read More


Betty is a 3-month-old puppy who had the misfortune of suffering a spiral fracture at the top of her right tibia in a freak accident.  The break is so near the growth plate, it will affect the growth of her leg and it will be shorter than the left hind leg. Betty does not let it get her down and is eating well and continuing her basic puppy training in her foster home. She is on limited activity with leash walking only.  The injured leg will atrophy from all this nonuse, and she will need to continue physical therapy once Read More


River is a 9-week-old puppy who was surrendered with his littermates by his owner to MAGDRL.  He is a sweet, adorable puppy who will need someone ready, willing and able to take on the training and work it takes to raise a Great Dane puppy.  His foster home is working on crate and house training.  He is living with other dogs in his foster home, male and female, large and small and is learning how to play nice with others. He loves to snuggle and give kisses, but he also likes to chew shoelaces and toes! River will need a Read More