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Chaos is a sweet, handsome 5 year old black male with natural ears, rescued from a shelter one year ago by someone who had no luck rehoming him, so she surrendered him to MAGDRL. It is unclear why he was originally given up. Chaos is all puppy, he is very active and playful and had little to no manners when he first arrived in his foster home. Chaos is catching up on things like going for walks around the neighborhood and car rides to PetSmart… and boy does he loves car rides! Most of all Chaos loves his people. He follows his foster mom everywhere and sits next to her all day while she works in her office. He especially loves his kids and will lay next to his teenage foster sister, wrapping his arms around her when she falls asleep on the floor next to him. Chaos has learned so much since coming to his foster home. He is learning his manners and commands. He is a sensitive soul who is very motivated by praise although another of his greatest motivations is his LOVE for string cheese. He is working hard at learning basic training. He knows sit, down, leave it and is getting pretty good at stay. Even though he could easily step over them, he has learned to honor the baby gates in his foster home. Chaos is working on being a gentleman when walking on the leash but he still has a hard time controlling his excitement when seeing another dog. Right now he wears a Halti when going outside for walks which helps him keep focused on his person. It seems like Chaos never learned to play with toys or balls and doesn’t have much interest in those things. He prefers to play with other dogs or people. His big bouncy personality can be too much for some other dogs and he would love to have a friend who likes to play as much as he does. Chaos does get nervous when his people are not home and will bark a lot during that time. His foster mom is working on this but it may be best if he was not in an apartment with neighbors who might complain. Chaos would prefer a home with a playful doggie sibling who he could romp with but most of all he wants a loving family who will appreciate his goofiness and continue to teach him all he needs to know about the world. Chaos came to MAGDRL in January 2017. (3)

Update 8/22/17 - Chaos (or Klaus, the name his foster home has given him) has been having ongoing issues related to allergies that we have diligently been working on. He was tested to see what his allergies included. He is allergic to many things, most significantly many grasses and trees as well as storage mites, milk and potatoes. Consequently, he gets walked on pavement only and is no longer allowed in the grassy yard. Storage mites are found in kibble, so he is now on a raw meat diet, with veggies and supplements. We tried Apoquel, which resulted in him getting a raging skin infection, which took a long course of antibiotics, antifungals and prednisone to resolve. He was given an injection of Cytopoint, a very expensive medication administered at the vet's office, and no improvement was noted. So he is on a regimen to manage him. In addition to his raw diet, supplements and keeping him off grass, he gets shampooed regularly with medicated shampoo. His feet are frequently soaked in Epson salts and a solution from the vet and an herbal powder with cayenne and charcoal is applied between his toes. He was also found to be hypothyroid and is on a small dose of thyroxine twice daily. Despite all this, Klaus is a love and a pleasure to have around. He is so good with all people, children and other dogs. He will need an adopter who is committed to managing his allergies and skin issues which will probably be for the rest of his life. He is worth it all, he is so loving and affectionate. Only someone totally committed to managing his health issues will be considered for Klaus.