Cats: Not good with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: Good with children 12+
Added: September 2017

Update 5/10/20 - Koda has been moved to a new foster home and is doing great there with his foster mom and Lab mix foster sister. He is responsive to commands, doing great on walks and loves any woman that comes to meet him. He is still selective when meeting men so introductions with men need to be slow and cautious, he seems to prefer men who are short statured and heavier over taller thin men. His foster mom says he is a total love bug and also totally trustworthy in the house.

Koda has been waiting for a forever home for a very long time. He is not a Dane for anyone, he does need a strong leader to continue to give him confidence with structure and boundaries. Once he bonds to you, he will let you do anything to him, he is a sweet guy, but has his quirks.

Please consider “rescuing” Koda, he would love to be a permanent part of a family.

Update 1/20/19 - It’s been over a year now that Koda has been in rescue. He was having some issues with the senior male Danes in his foster home so his foster home started working with a trainer to help make home life more manageable with Koda. We are happy to report that Koda has done wonderful with training. So much so that he was signed up for a second set of sessions with the trainer. It was also discovered that Koda does best with a younger female playmate to help tire him out. His foster home has only seniors and that was no fun for Koda. Koda loves his foster family and has no issues meeting new women and most men. He does occasionally meet a man that he is very suspicious of and needs slow careful introductions with lots of treats. His training is helping him overcome this issue. Koda is a cuddle bug and loves affection. He needs a home that will continue his training and provide the boundaries and leadership that he needs. He will do best with a female large dog near his age to play with in a large fenced yard to help burn off his energy. As he is getting older, he is calming down some, he has been waiting a long time for his forever home.

September 2017

Koda is a sweet 17 month old male mantle with natural ears.  He is a very energetic puppy who will require guidance, training, routine and reinforcement.  Koda sometimes responds to redirection if you can get his attention.  He is highly treat motivated which really helps to get his attention.  Koda does need to learn some manners.  He does not know what personal space is and he likes to jump when he is excited.  His foster home is working on his manners.  Koda does well with the 2 male Danes and 1 female Dane in his foster home.  He can be a little over bearing sometimes with the other Danes.  He will bark at them and sometimes nudge them to try to get them to play.  Koda is very excited to meet new dogs and can be a little much for them right away.  He does have a high prey drive with small animals such as squirrels and cats.  He seems to fine with small dogs though.  Koda is crate trained.  He will run for the crate if there is a treat involved.  He’s doing much better on a leash, but does get very excited when he sees other dogs and people.  He is all puppy and so curious about anything new.  Training will be a condition of his adoption.

Kodak came to MAGDRL in September of 2017. (3)