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Added: September 2017

Max is a 2 yr old, almost 3 neutered male mantle Dane with natural ears.  Max is long, lean and weighs about 120 lbs.  He is a typical velcro Dane, meaning he loves to follow his foster dad around the house and is always ready to sit on his lap and cuddle. Max will be three years old 11/15/17. When he first came to his foster home he would often crawl around because his was unable to stand on his own at times due to mobility issues. But since then with conditioning and treatment, he is no longer crawling and getting around much better.  Max is currently living with a female Neapolitan Mastiff, a male Great Dane and 2 cats. He gets along great with one of the cats, but will chase and bark at the other cat when the cat hisses and swats at him. He loves to play with both of the other dogs in his foster home, but gets overwhelmed and defensive when all three are allowed to play together, most likely due his weaker hind end. He loves to go for a walk, to the park or pet store but tends to get overexcited when he sees other dogs. He will bark and jump around, but has been fine once he is allowed to say hello. Max quickly acclimated to the daily routine in his foster home. He is extremely smart and a bit goofy at times. His intelligence enables him to open doors to let himself and his friends onto the deck or into the garage when doors are not locked.  Max’s foster dad is working to curb these behaviors, as well as desensitize him when meeting new dogs in public. Max also likes to play ball when the other dogs are not around. Max has been very well behaved when new people visit his foster home and does well around people using wheelchairs or walkers. Max would really like to be with another dog, but would probably do best with a canine friend who cannot overpower him and make him feel insecure. Max is currently on Previcox and supplements. He is also receiving laser therapy treatments. Additionally, his foster dad is encouraging him to perform simple exercises, such as walking over an agility jump, as well as going up and down a few stairs to help increase his strength and endurance. Although he no longer finds it necessary to crawl he still has a slightly unsteady and awkward gait, especially when he is tired, but his overall mobility has greatly improved and he is living a full happy life.  

Max came to MAGDRL in August of 2017. (3)