Our Dogs

Adoptable Dogs

  • Hugo came to MAGDRL in August 2022. Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Hugo is a 2-3 year old Blue Piebald Male Great Dane with natural ears who came to MAGDRL from a shelter.  We don’t have much history on Hugo but we can see he is a sweet boy who seems to like everyone he meets.  Hugo has been neutered and gastropexied and currently is in a foster home with a senior male Labrador and a cat and has integrated nicely with both of them.  Hugo does know some commands but is Read More and see additional photos

Rescues in Need

  • Calli came to MAGDRL in November 2022 and is a Rescue in Need Cats: Unknown Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Calli is a 4-year-old blue female with natural ears who was surrendered to MAGDRL from a shelter after her owners passed away.  We believe she is spayed because she was living with an intact male, also surrendered to us, and she has no sign of ever having puppies.  Calli is a tall, beautiful girl but has very a very bad condition of her eyes called “cherry eye”.  Both eyes are affected, and she will need surgery to correct this as it is obstructing a significant part of her vision. Although her eyes are unsightly, her sweet affectionate personality will steal your heart in a moment. Calli is being fostered in a home with both large and small dogs, male and female and gets along with everyone. Read more and see additional photos