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Adoptable Dogs

  • Ranger came to MAGDRL in May 2022 Cats: Good with cats Dogs: Prefers to be the only dog Kids: Good with children 8+ Ranger has been safely recovering and blossoming back to health in his foster home for about 2 weeks now. His bloodwork is all almost entirely back to normal.  He is no longer accumulating air or fluid in his stomach or intestines.  His incision is almost entirely closed and has no more drainage and he is off of all medications.  Ranger is also eating like a champ and feeling better and better every day.  His activity has been Read More and see additional photos

  • Pluto came to MAGDRL in March 2023 Cats: Unknown Dogs: Selective with Dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Pluto is a sweet 4-year-old fawn, neutered male with natural ears. Pluto is a very large/tall Dane who was surrendered to MAGDRL as the owners were unable to care for him. He came to us already with knee issues that most likely were from an old injury that was never treated. While in foster care, his knee issues are being treated by medication, cold laser therapy, supplements, daily walks, and proper nutrition. Pluto is thriving and has improved in his short time Read More and see additional photos

  • Calli came to MAGDRL in November 2022 and is a Rescue in Need Cats: Unknown Dogs: Good with dogs Kids: Good with children 8+ Calli is a 4-year-old blue female with natural ears who was surrendered to MAGDRL from a shelter after her owners passed away.  We believe she is spayed because she was living with an intact male, also surrendered to us, and she has no sign of ever having puppies.  Calli is a tall, beautiful girl but has very a very bad condition of her eyes called “cherry eye”.  Both eyes are affected, and she will need surgery Read More and see additional photos