PJ came to MAGDRL in May 2023

Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Good with Dogs
Kids: Good with children

PJ is a 5 month old black Dane puppy who was surrendered along with his mom to rescue when his owners became ill.  PJ is ALL puppy, adorable and floppy, friendly and trusting. He loves to play and LOVES toys. He carries a toy with him everywhere he goes.  He is in a foster home with a doggy door and PJ loves to go in and out, in and out and always carries a toy with him. He has not destroyed any yet.  PJ is learning commands and has mastered sit and is learning to walk well on a leash. He loves car rides and will go in his crate but will voice his displeasure when he has to stay in it.  PJ is very food motivated and eats from a slow feeder to slow down his eating.  He loves to follow his mom around and looks to her for reassurance. He is a sweet, wiggly, bouncing and hungry puppy.  He will make some lucky family very happy. PJ will have a neuter and training addendum to complete his adoption contract.