Regina is on Medical Hold and is a Rescue in Need
Regina is a pretty blue female Dane with natural ears who is approximately 11 months old.  She came from a shelter where she was found as a stray.  They detected a heart murmur and thought she would do best in rescue where she could receive the care she may need to address her heart issue.  Regina does indeed have a heart issue and has been diagnosed with congenital heart disease, specifically, severe pulmonic valvular stenosis (PS) with significant right ventricular hypertrophy.  She does not have any arrythmias or congestive heart failure at this time.  She is a candidate for pulmonic valve balloon valuloplasty and we will be researching for a cardiac surgeon to do this for her.  Right now Regina is ia normal happy go lucky sweet Great Dane puppy who loves to romp and play.  She is currently being fostered with 3 other Danes (1 male/2 females) and a few cats and gets along with them all.  She is crate trained, housebroken and loves everyone she meets.  Regina is very smart and pretty mellow for her age although she can get the zoomies like the best of them. She has learned “sit” and “wait”, “down” and “kennel”.  She is currently on medical hold until her cardiac issue can be treated.  Although it will not be a cure, we are hoping it can extend her life for a few years.  Regina came to MAGDRL in March of 2020, Regina is a “Dane in Need”.
Cats: Good with Cats
Dogs: Good with Dogs
Children: Good with children 10+