Rocco is an eye-catching 5 year old black male with cropped ears, who came to MAGDRL with JoJo. He doesn't believe in personal space and will sit on your lap as soon as you let him. The second you stop petting him, he'll grab a toy and start to play. This beautiful boy has a lot of energy and definitely needs some space to burn it off. He goes on walks every day with his foster and he's made a lot of progress on his leash manners, but he really needs to let loose and run. He'll chase after toys, pounce on them, and bring them back for a quick game of tug-of-war. He would do well with an experienced Dane owner as he will do best with a strong leader for confidence and a playmate that could keep up with his energy.

Rocco came to MAGDRL in September of 2019.

Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Good with Dogs
Children: Good with children 8+