Scooby #2 was ADOPTED

Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with large dogs only
Children: 8+ years old

Scooby #2 is a 5 year old black male with poorly cropped and standing ears. He was surrendered to a small animal rescue by a family who could not take care of him. That rescue recognized that Scooby would be best placed with a rescue specific to his breed and contacted MAGDRL to take him. Even though Scooby is 5 years old, he is all puppy. He has never been taught manners and was kept mostly outside or in the basement. So he is learning to live inside as part of a family and is a work in progress. Scooby is such a happy boy and very excited to meet everyone and experience new things. Scooby was surrendered with severe cherry eye in both eyes, the first rescue took care of his neuter and had his cherry eyes repaired. Before being surrendered to MAGDRL, Scooby had a set back and was hospitalized with an upper respiratory infection and pneumonia. MAGDRL agreed to help with the costs at the emergency animal hospital so he could be discharged to us. He is doing much better now in his foster home and will be on antibiotics for a few more weeks. Scooby is crate trained and is learning house manners and his boundaries. He is in a foster home with smaller dogs and is a bit too much for them as he does not know his size and just wants to play. He needs to be with large dogs only. He has met children and is fine with them but since he has never lived with any small ones, he will not be placed with a family with any. Scooby is just a big lug who loves life and would love an active family of his own. He has lots of energy for a 5 year old boy. Training will be a condition of his adoption. Scooby came to MAGDRL in July 2016. (3)

Update 8/5/16 - Scooby is a big, lovable goofball! He loves to play ball in the yard, though he hasn’t quite grasped the concept of bringing the ball back! When a ball is thrown to him, he will go and get it and then play with it by himself. It is quite funny to watch since he is a bit clumsy! When Scooby first came to live with us, he was a little underweight, but he is steadily gaining weight and starting to fill out, which is so great to see! He is a slow and gentle eater. We can take food out of his bowl while he is eating and there are no issues when we feed Scooby at the same time as our 45-lb terrier mix.