Cats: Unknown with cats
Dogs: Good with other dogs
Children: Unknown with children

Stormy is a Rescue In Need and is on medical hold.

Stormy is a 2 1/2 year old merle female with natural ears who came into rescue with a medical emergency. She was living outside chained to a doghouse 24/7 and she had a very bad vaginal prolapse. She was brought immediately to the vet and had emergency surgery to spay her and correct the prolapse. Stormy is very lucky as she has tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases, living outside year round she could have easily been infected by them. She does have eye entropion and that may require surgery to correct it once she is feeling better. Given all the neglect she has had to endure in her short life Stormy is the sweetest dog! She just wants someone to love on her and give her plenty of attention. She also clearly wants to be an inside dog, she really enjoyed being in the air conditioner in the car and the vets office. We are very grateful our volunteers who were able to get her to safety when they did. Stormy will be on Medical Hold until we can correct her issues and get her feeling better. Stormy came to MAGDRL in July 2016. (3)

Update 7/21/16 - Stormy is a beautiful young lady with some health issues but a lot of love to give. She is very sweet, loving and looking for a "mommy" or "daddy". She wants someone to take care of her and show her affection and all she has to offer. Stormy has been on medical restriction so not sure how she does with other dogs and cats. She is good with children, but doesn't have a lot of manners, a big cone on her head and knocks everything over. Knowing how well she has dealt with her issues and how much she lets clean her eyes, adjust her cone and examine her, she will be great with everyone. She eats well (loves treats) and has had no accidents. Stormy will be going to the vet this week to see if her sutures can be removed and to have her eyes looked at.

Update 7/29/16 - Stormy is adjusting nicely to her foster home and her foster Dane brother, and is getting used to being an indoor dog. Stormy did have a medical setback last week when she suddenly bloated and required another emergency surgery. She is home resting and recuperating. Stormy has a way to go to become healthy but she is a fighter! She will continue to be on Medical Hold until she is 100% healthy.

Update 8/11/16 - Stormy has been through so much while in our care and has a new attitude on life! She loves living back inside a home again, playing with her step-foster Dane, and eating healthy food! Her grey coat shines in the sun! She is very sweet and openly greets strangers on our walks. And she loves rolling on her back! Stormy is not used to sharing so she does have some food aggression which the foster is working with her on. She walks okay on a leash and LOVES sneaking up on a couch when you aren’t looking. All a sign she is very happy to be an inside dog!