Meet Sugar, an 8 year old spayed merle female with natural ears.   Sugar's name says it all about this absolute sweet darling, she's all Sugar.  Sugar lives up to the Great Dane reputation of Gentle Giant as she walks great on leash.  She stays very close to you off leash making her a great companion if you are outside gardening or working in your garage. Sugar also enjoys car rides.
Sugar is very affectionate yet if you are busy she is fine lying on the floor as she does not sit nor lay on the couch.  Sugar would be best in a home where she receives lots of hugs and praise as she wants to be your best friend.  She's adjusted extremely well in her foster home. She lives with 3 other dogs, two 20 pound females and a 90 pound male.The other dogs are 11-12 years old so it is a quiet house where everyone has their favorite spot.  Sugar has chosen the front of the great room where she spends her days and sometimes follows her foster parents for some extra loving.
Sugar is an absolute darling and calm dog with great manners. She greets everyone with love and her eyes are super sweet.  Sugar is housebroken, does not counter surf, responds to the commands, "sit, stay, go, no, come here, etc.", and has this sweet disposition that you can't help but falling in love with her.  She is a gentle loving dog that will be greatly missed when she finds her forever home.
Sugar came to MAGDRL in December of 2018.
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: Female dogs only
Children: Good with children 8+