Titan is a 7 month old, Great Dane/Standard Poodle mix, yes he is a Great Doodle or rather, a fuzzy Dane! Titan is a good boy, eager to please and ready to learn and is a wonderful cuddle love bug.

Titan is all puppy, loves everyone, very playful and into everything!  He has a lot of energy and looks for ways to burn it off. He is learning structure and boundaries in his foster home. He lives with a 6-year-old female Dane, who is super sweet and laid-back.  They do play and when she has had enough, she will let him know.  He does play will with toys on his own and can entertain himself. He is learning commands and manners but will need to continue his training in his next home to become the well-mannered boy he should be.

He is into everything, eats everything and wants to be included in everything.  He goes for 2 walks a day and is good on the leash and walks nicely next to his foster sister.  He has learned how to use the doggie door – and will tap on the back door to let you know he has to go outside.

He is a sweetheart and greets people well, he will jump if super excited.  He takes treats nicely and has learned to wait his turn for food and treats.  He greets dogs well too, but does not like super bouncy in-your-face dogs, he hides behind his foster mom.  He is super interested in squirrels but listens to “leave it” and continues walking.

Piper came to MAGDRL in July of 2020 (3)

Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Good with dogs
Kids: Good with children 8+