Our Wish List



Office supplies

  • Stamps
  • Envelopes - especially legal & padded 9"x12"
  • Packing tape
  • cardboard shipping boxes around 13"x13"x13"
  • Phone Cards

For our foster homes and kennels

  • Baby Gates
  • Colossal Dog Crates (or gift cards towards their purchase - e.g. at JB Wholesale www.jbpet.com)
  • Dog Beds - Large
  • Blankets / Comforters / Sheets / pillowcases - new or used


Food & toys for the dogs

  • High-quality dry dog food
  • Dog treats
  • Toys - for giant breed dogs - i.e. Kong's, Booda Bones, Tuffys, Nylabones, Large Stuffed Toys
Collars & Leashes
Collars & leashes Collars - size 18" or larger

Leashes (not flexi-leads) Gentle Leaders or Haltis

Medical Supplies
Frontline Plus - 89-132 lbs (red box)
Thank You
Thank you for helping us with our wish list. We appreciate your generosity very much!!