MAGDRL is a large organization that is run entirely by volunteers. There are absolutely no paid positions within the group. Because we are so large, we can always use a helping hand. The list below shows some of the positions involved along with their responsibility. If you're interested and don't see the exact position you're looking for, contact us anyway - we can always find something you can do to help!

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Volunteer Positions

Adult Volunteers

To be a MAGDRL volunteer:

You are at least 18 years of age
You have paid your $25 membership dues
You have completed a Volunteer Application
You have signed a Hold Harmless waiver
Volunteers completing these requirements are covered under our insurance policy

Junior Volunteers

For people under the age of 18 who wish to help our organization, the Board of Directors has instituted a Junior Helper policy. Requirements to be a MAGDRL Junior Helper:

You are under the age of 18
You have has completed a Volunteer application and it was signed by your parent or legal guardian
You have has completed a Hold Harmless waiver and it was signed by your parent or legal guardian
You may NOT handle MAGDRL dogs
NOTE: People under the age of 18 are not covered under our insurance policy and their capacities to help MAGDRL are limited. Junior Helpers are prohibited from handling MAGDRL dogs.

Here are some examples of ways Junior Helpers can assist our organization:

School/Community project: For example, a collage of Danes Available For Adoption and their stories, posting flyers about upcoming events.
Fundraiser: For example, selling candy, putting out donation jars (ex. Pennies For Pups).
Attend a Meet & Greet or event with their parent/guardian.
Children in foster homes can participate in the MAGDRL Dane's care, only under the supervision of their parent or guardian.

All Volunteers

All new volunteers, including fosters, must send their Volunteer application to one of the Volunteer Coordinators for evaluation to ensure all necessary liability forms are completed. The Volunteer Coordinator will handle the phone evaluation and home check (if fostering). Please contact one of the following for a copy of this form:

NJ Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Fran Cini - danemom1111@gmail.com