Jaeger is an energetic 5 year old male merlequin with natural ears who turns heads and stops cars with his stunning good looks JAEGER – UPDATE Dogs: Large Female Dogs Only Children: 12+ years old Animals: No Small Animals UPDATE: 5/6/2017 Jaeger has calmed down nicely since his neuter, but has retained his energetic personality. He’s always ready to play! He loves being outdoors with his family and likes to run around with his jolly ball or lie contentedly in the yard, sphinx-style. Inside, Jaeger is willing to help with whatever you’re working on, especially if it’s in the kitchen! He drinks from Read More


Scooby #2 was ADOPTED Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with large dogs only Children: 8+ years old Scooby #2 is a 5 year old black male with poorly cropped and standing ears. He was surrendered to a small animal rescue by a family who could not take care of him. That rescue recognized that Scooby would be best placed with a rescue specific to his breed and contacted MAGDRL to take him. Even though Scooby is 5 years old, he is all puppy. He has never been taught manners and was kept mostly outside or in the basement. So Read More


Merlin Merlin was ADOPTED Updated: 03/06/2017 We have another adoption announcement to make here in NJ.  Merlin was met yesterday by NJ adopters  who specifically were looking for a Dane mix.  Merlin fit the bill.  Everyone met and introductions went well.  He now has two young canine playmates,  Weimaraner mixes who can help wear off some of this boy’s energy.  He has already bonded quickly to his two legged human sister who is 19 years old and follows her all over the house. Updated: 02/10/2017 Merlin has been in his foster home for 2 months now.  He has calmed down Read More


Stormy Cats: Unknown with cats Dogs: Good with other dogs Children: Unknown with children Stormy is a Rescue In Need and is on medical hold. Stormy is a 2 1/2 year old merle female with natural ears who came into rescue with a medical emergency. She was living outside chained to a doghouse 24/7 and she had a very bad vaginal prolapse. She was brought immediately to the vet and had emergency surgery to spay her and correct the prolapse. Stormy is very lucky as she has tested negative for heartworm and tick borne diseases, living outside year round she Read More


Caliber was ADOPTED!!! Update 1/08/17 – What fantastic news, our senior fawn boy Cal was adopted by by a wonderful family that has been long time Dane owners and enthusiasts and repeat MAGDRL adopters. Thanks to my foster mom and dad for taking such good care of me while I waited for my forever home!! Cal enjoying his new bed Cal enjoying the snow in his new yard! Update 9/07/16 – Caliber has come a long way in the 4 months he has been with his foster home. When Cal first arrived, he was afraid of every little noise and especially loud noises. Read More


Ryleigh I am a happy girl!! Sleeping with my baby Ryleigh was ADOPTED!!! Cats: Not good with cats Dogs:Good with large male dogs only Children: 8+ years old Ryleigh is a very pretty 7 year old harlequin female with natural ears who has returned to MAGDRL after 5 years with her adopted family. Ryleigh is a very laid back girl who is the perfect example of “couch potato”. She loves her bed and to just hang with her people. Ryleigh walks well on a leash and travels well in a car. She is house and crate trained. She will not Read More