Ranger came to MAGDRL in May 2022

Cats: Good with cats
Dogs: Prefers to be the only dog
Kids: Good with children 8+

Ranger has been safely recovering and blossoming back to health in his foster home for about 2 weeks now.

His bloodwork is all almost entirely back to normal.  He is no longer accumulating air or fluid in his stomach or intestines.  His incision is almost entirely closed and has no more drainage and he is off of all medications.  Ranger is also eating like a champ and feeling better and better every day.  His activity has been gradually increased over time and Ranger loves his walks. Ranger is best friends with his foster sister, who is a large female mixed breed with a matched energy level to his.  But sometimes Ranger likes to get her riled up to play and then suddenly has enough and walks away, his foster mom calls him “the instigator”.  Ranger loves the cat in his foster home although sometimes he loves a little too much, fortunately the cat lets him know when he’s crossing the line and Ranger is respectful and backs off with the hissing and swatting of a cat who has reached her tolerance limit.

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